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Please visit our estimate page for a free quote.

We do not know how dirty a home is until we start cleaning it.  Some homes need only maintenance cleaning.  Others need quite a bit of work and take longer. The size, condition, number of pets, and other factors of your home determine how long it will take to clean your home.  Please fill out our estimate form so that we can give you a custom cleaning quote.  We also welcome you to compare our quote to others, as we believe you will find our services to be superior, and our prices extremely competitive.  

Take much less time than your initial cleaning and cost less because your home has been thoroughly cleaned and simply needs maintenance cleaning.
The fee is based on the number of rooms to be cleaned, how often we clean and the number of pets and people living in your home.

Who Provides The Cleaning Supplies?

We will always provide the supplies.   Unless you have a special request, in which case we may or may not ask you to supply the desired supplies or equipment. i.e.: Stainless steel appliance polish, furniture polish, floor wash, etc.

Will The Same Cleaning Professionals Come Every Time?

Yes.   In most cases, you will have the same cleaning professionals every time.   We try hard to keep everything the same, so you always know what to expect.

How Many People Will Be Cleaning My Home?

We are usually in teams of 1-2 people, but on busy days we could have up to 3 cleaning professionals in your home at the same time.

Do The People Who Clean My Home Wear Special Uniforms?

A Cleaning Maid In Heaven  does not require employees to wear uniforms.   There are many reasons for this.   Most of our customers want us to be discreet, and try to maintain a normal household while we're cleaning.   Cleaning services that wear uniforms do so at your expense.   We work hard to keep our costs down for our customers.

Will The Cleaning Service Come At The Same Time of Day Every Time?

It is very unlikely we will be at your home the exact same time, every time.   If you have a special requirement on time, please let us know and we will note that on our schedule and call if there is a problem.   It is very important to remember because it is a firm policy at A Cleaning Maid In Heaven that  we will make sure your home is cleaned correctly.   We take pride in our work, our reputation depends on it. We would rather be a few minutes late to our next appointment then not doing an excellent job every time.   We strive to provide a quality service to you and your family. 

Do I need To Do Anything Before The Cleaning Service Arrives?

It is best that all toys, clothes, dirty dishes, personal items and valuables are put away before we arrive.   You will get more for your money if we are spending our time cleaning rather than picking things up off the floor and furniture.  

Do I Have To Give A Cleaning Maid In Heaven A Key?

No, we have options available to you other than giving us a key to your home.   Please contact us by phone to discuss other arrangements.   Keep in mind that we keep all clients keys secure at all times.   Your name or address is NEVER attached to your key if you choose to give us one.

What happens if I need to cancel at the last minute?

We typically require 24 hours notice for cancellation, except in emergency circumstances such as illness etc.  Should you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice we charge a $25 cancellation fee.

What Happens If I forget You're Coming, and You Don't Have a Key To My Home?

If we are locked out on your day of service, we do have a $25.00 "Lock-Out" fee.   This is a minimal fee that is in place to cover the cost of transportation, and employee's time.

Does A Cleaning Maid In Heaven Clean The Same Things in My Home Every Time?

Not always, it really depends on your home.   If your home is very clean we will always do the same things, if you have a busy home with kids, pets and a lot of traffic, dust, clutter, etc. we will always do our best, but will focus on the dirtiest of areas first.

What Areas Do You Provide Cleaning Services to?

The Richmond metro area.

What if I have a special request?

You can call us, email us, or leave a note on the counter.   Either way, be sure to give us an advanced notice for requests that may take more than an extra 1/2 hour or so to complete.

What other services does A Cleaning Maid In Heaven offer?

We also offer commercial cleaning, move in cleaning and move out cleaning.

What Should I Do If I Notice That Something Was Missed During My Cleaning?

Please let us know immediately if something was missed during your cleaning.   We try very hard, but sometimes we do make a mistake.  We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge.   If it is something small and you want to just let us know for next time, you can call us, email us, or leave a note on the counter, but please be sure to let us know.   We would not want to make the same mistake twice.  Communication is very important.   If we don't hear from you, we will assume everything is ok.  Periodically, we do send out forms to give you another opportunity to let us know if we are meeting your expectations.   Again, communication is key to a lasting relationship.

Here is what we do:

All Rooms
Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards. Remove cobwebs.   Vacuum carpets.   Wash all floors and dry wood floors.   Empty and clean wastebaskets.

Clean outside of all appliances, counters, and  table.   Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. Clean and sanitize counter tops and back splashes.   Clean the range top.   Clean microwave oven inside and out.   Wash floor.

Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks. Clean and sanitize vanities, back splashes and toilets. Clean mirrors.   Polish chrome.   Wash floors and tile walls.  Deodorize.

Each time we clean your home or office, we take care of a few extra tasks in each room to make sure that the place is well-maintained.   With regular service, you never need another spring cleaning again.   Special house cleaning services are also available. Leave other time-consuming cleaning chores to us and spend time on other things.

We also offer these additional services:
Oven cleaning
Refrigerator cleaning


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Many of the services we offer require us to know your specific needs in order to quote a price.

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